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November 08 2020 General Meeting 

These meetings will be held in the club hall at 1:30pm and 3:00pm
The way it is working is the first 50 people register will be in the 1:30 meeting the after that the next group will be at the 3:00 pm meeting you do not pick what meeting we will be letting you know 

These meetings will permit an adequate understanding of the issues; the impact on current club
activities and the implications of a “yes” or “no” vote. A simple majority of all the ballots cast by the
eligible voting members attending the meeting will decide if the resolution is passed or rejected. All club
members will be advised of the results of the vote.
Under the Club By-laws Who Can Vote:
 Only existing paid up members
 One vote for individual members
 Two votes for family and senior memberships (member and spouse/partner) or one vote if there
is no spouse/partner
 Junior members are not eligible to vote
Due to COVID-19 guidelines respecting mass gatherings inside a place, and BC Societies Act regulations
the voting process will be as followed:
 Eligible members who wish to attend a meeting and vote must Fill out the form
(Click on the Button Below)
 If a senior or family membership - include the name of spouse/partner if they will be attending
 Due to social distancing only those registered by email will be permitted entry to the hall
 Please advise which of the two meetings you wish to attend
 You will be notified by email when your meeting request is confirmed
 If the meeting you wish to attend has reached capacity you will be offered space in the other
meeting via email
“Drop ins” will not be permitted

Social Distancing
 If you are ill or not feeling well please do not attend
 Face masks are required (a limited quantity will be available in the hall)
 Registration will take place at the hall entrance – please bring your 2020 membership card
 Seating in the hall will provide the required social distancing
 Please leave the hall and the parking lot as soon as the meeting is concluded

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