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Gun Range

Picture: a series of 5-shot groups, shot at 20 yds

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Gun range use is for club members and their guests. "Drop-ins" by the general public are not allowed without prior consent. Contact us using the "Book a Reservation" button at the bottom of the page for more information on how you can try out the club to see how we run things before you join.

Please always check here before coming to see if we will be closed during times of poor road conditions like snow, etc. 

Tues .22LR Rimfire Night Calendar

Apr 2:   7-9pm

SUNDAY Apr 7: 1pm-5pm

Apr 9:   7-9pm

Apr 16: 7-9pm

Apr 23: 7-9pm

SUNDAY Apr 28: 1pm-5pm

Apr 30: 7-9pm

Sunday events welcome 9mm PCCs and we have 3 soft target plinking stands for you to use. Just ask for one. We are also working on some drills and fun competitions. Just ask the range officers on duty for the latest and other ideas! 

Interested in a basic handgun course? Curious about competitive shooting with a handgun or rifle? Women's night? How to reload ammunition? Let us know what interests you. We'll be happy to arrange something.

We are open
Tuesdays for .22LR rifle and .22LR handguns!

COVID-19 Updates

We are complying with WorksafeBC and PHO regs and will keep you apprised of any big changes.

Tuesday .22LR Rimfire Night (7-9pm)

The club has a number of .22LR rifles to use for those wanting to try, or you can bring your own. We also have a small group of volunteers to help anyone wanting to learn about shooting.

We are open to all ages and encourage kids to come and give it a try. While we don't have a specific minimum age limit for kids, we need the following:

   - They must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
   - They must be mature enough to pay attention and follow instructions
   - They must be strong enough to hold a .22LR rifle

Range fees for .22LR Rimfire Night are as follows. Rifle rental includes everything you need, including 30 rounds of ammunition.

- $5.00 Member

- $15.00 Non-member

- $15.00 Rifle rental with ammunition 

Special Event pricing will vary, from free to a modest charge to cover costs, and most of these events will be for club members only.

Click here to see our range rules, including permitted firearms and ammunition:

For club membership information, please click on this button:

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