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Welcome to the 2023-2024 Indoor Archery Series


Semiahmoo Archers is excited to host the 2nd Annual Indoor Grand Prix Series for the 2023/2024 Indoor season.

This is a great way for experienced shooters to get some competition practice and also is a great starting place for newer participants to get exposure to a tournament environment in our club's range.

Meet some new people, have some laughs and shoot some arrows.

$20 per participant each event. (Participants who pre-register for less than 3 events)
$15 per participant each event. (Participants who pre-register and prepay for 3 or more events)

Pre-Register for each event via Google Forms LINK .

Registration for Series OPEN NOW

Event Dates
#1 - October 14, 2023
#2- November 18, 2023
#3- December 9, 2023
#4- January 20, 2024
#5- February 24, 2024
FINALE - March 23, 2024

Event Schedule
Range Open at 5:00pm.
Official Practice at 5:30pm
Scoring Begins at 6:00pm
Finale Schedule TBD.
To register click here  LINK .

Pre-Registration for the events is very strongly encouraged.  We will not guarantee that Drop-In's will be able to participate.  Demand was very high for this series last year and spots are limited.  

Competition Round
Each event is a 600 Round: 60 arrows on a 40cm target shot at 18m.
Compound Shoots Inner-10 & All others shoot Outer-10.

Competition Classes
Sighted - Experienced Competitor (Compound/Olympic Recurve).
Unsighted - Novice Competitor (Compound/Olympic Recurve).
Unsighted (Barebow/Instinctive/Longbow).

The intention of this series is to challenge participants of all skill levels.  If you are unsure in which class you should compete, we suggest asking yourself the following questions:


  1. Have you competed in one or two officially sanctioned/registered Archery Canada (or similar) events?

  2. Have you competed in a Provincial or National level BC Archery or Archery Canada event?

  3. Have you won a medal at a Provincial or National level BC Archery or Archery Canada event?


  • If you answered 'Yes' to all three:  You're Experienced

  • If you answered 'Yes' to 2 questions: You could be either Experienced or Novice and there could be advantages to registering in either class.  

  • If you answered 'Yes' to 1 question: You are likely best suited for the Novice class.  

  • If you didn't answer 'Yes' to any questions: The novice class will be a great place for you to compete!

If you are unsure and need help picking a class, please feel free to contact us at  We can help you pick a class.  

Points Format
Competitors accumulate event points at each event in the series.  League Standings will be determined by each participant’s total accumulated event points.  In the finale competitors will shoot off to determine a winner in each class.  

Event Points
Top Score @ each Event: 20 Points
2nd Place Score @ each Event:  15 Points
3rd Place Score @ each Event:  10 Points
4th Place Score @ each Event:  8 Points
5th Place Score @ each Event:  6 Points
6th Place Score @ each Event:  5 Points
7th Place Score @ each Event: 4 Points
8th Place Score @ each Event: 3 Points
9th Place Score @ each Event:  2 Points
10th Place Score @ each Event:  1 Point

Awards will be determined in the Finale based on head to head shoot-off matches.  Awards will be given to the Top 3 in each class.


If you have any questions, please contact:

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Indoor Series - Winners.JPG
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