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What's New at SFGC?​

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New members at SFGC take a stroll on the nature trail this morning (July 14)







New Hatchery Sign


The Little Campbell Hatchery sign built many years ago had become a

safety hazard due to the rotting of the old timbers. A team of club volunteers

headed by Ron Meadley undertook the task of rebuilding the sign. Ron was

joined by club volunteers Dick Kent, Ron Kreba, Brian Lessimore, Archie

McNair, Robert MacRae, Phillip Milligan, Peter Reid, Dave Serguis,

Norman Taylor and Jim Wilkins. The new sign has been enhanced by the

addition of a salmon statue and lighting. The new sign has been enhanced

by the addition of a salmon statue and lighting.

Nature Trails

Six benches have recently been placed around the 600 meter stretch of

the main nature trail. These will provide a resting point along the trail as

well as a comfortable spot to observe the spawning salmon, river otters,

beaver and mink that can be seen along the river. The metal frames were

provided by an old friend of the hatchery and former Department of

Fisheries and Oceans community representative - Joe Kambeitz.

The lumber was also donated to the club.

Main Bridge Repairs

We would like to thank the volunteers who planned and carried out the repairs

to the main bridge earlier this year under very inclement weather conditions.

The large timber vehicle bumper guards and handrails were replaced as well

as the light standards on both sides of the river. The volunteers included:

Peter Allanson, Pat Coffey, Dick Kent, Brian Lissimore, Robert MacRae,

Archie McNair, Norm taylor, Peter Reid, Matt Wassenmaar, Jim Wilkins,

Cole Eastman and Ron Meadley. Added thanks goes to: Jack Wood,

Archie McNair and Robert Jirava for the separate initiative to locate and

confirm the bridge loading weight. Many heavy trucks and bus drivers are

nervous or reluctant to cross the bridge without a clear understanding of

the loading weight. The bridge is now rated at 45,000 kg. A sign has been

posted on the bridge to this effect. The heavy timber vehicle bumper guards

were generously provided by Westform Construction Ltd.

Coho Pond Predator Net Support System


Bobby Oswald, hatchery manager and other hatchery volunteers have, over

the past few months, erected a new steel ssupport system for the predatory

net that covers the coho pond. Thirty two - 10 foot by 2.25 inch diameter steel

poles were cemented into the existing concrete walkwayat 10 foot intervals

around the pond. Additional 10 foot by 2 inch diameter steel poles and

mounting brackets were welded to the tops of the vertical pipes. The old

support systemc onsisting of six steel poles was inadequate to support the

weight of the new net. Special thanks to club member Geoff Nelson for

providing his welding services. The $4500.00 cost of materias was funded

through a generous grant from the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

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