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Gun Range

Range Rules

Permitted Firearms
  • Air rifles and air pistols
  • Long guns: .22S/L/LR and 9mm Pistol Calibre Carbines. No other centerfire carbines.
  • Handguns: Basic calibres up to .45ACP. No magnums. No 7.62x25, etc. Our backstop isn't rated for the big cartridges.


We prefer lead-free ammunition since this is an indoor range. Regular ammunition is fine though, but consider moving to lead-free for cleaner air. Absolutely no steel ammunition. No steel plate. No steel core. If a magnet sticks to the bullet, leave it for an outdoor range.
Posted Range Rules
  1. Treat every firearm with the respect due a loaded firearm and never take another’s word that a firearm isn’t loaded.

  2. Keep the muzzle pointed down range at all times you are on the firing line.

  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.

  4. Be certain that the barrel and cylinder are clear of any obstructions.

  5. Obey all Range Officers commands immediately. This is for your safety and others on the firing line.

  6. All shooters and spectators must wear eye and ear protection.

  7. Unholstered or uncased firearms must be carried with action open.

  8. In the event of a misfire, the shooter shall keep the muzzle of the firearm pointed downrange for a period of 60 seconds prior to clearing the firearm.

  9. Never take a gun from the holster or shooting kit until you have arrived at the assigned position and are facing the target. Shoot only at targets. Do not shoot at other objects.

  10. Never speak to an individual on the firing line when he/she is in the act of firing.

  11. Never unload a firearm or snap the trigger behind the firing line.

  12. Never load more than 10 rounds in any firearm.

  13. Do not fire until directed to do so by the Range Officer.

  14. Be certain your guns and ammunition are in a known and proper condition.

  15. Everyone not firing or coaching must remain behind the red line.

  16. Anyone being aware of a dangerous situation existing on the range may call “Cease-Fire”.

Range Operation
Club-trained range officers run all range activities. It is essential that members and their guests follow the range officer's instructions for everyone's safety. Failure to comply with range officer instructions may result in the suspension of your membership.
While the above "posted" range rules mention holsters, our usual evening sessions won't allow them to be used. Shooters are too close together and the bench right in front of the shooter can cause problems. Holsters will be reserved for special activities only.
Typical range sessions will be run as follows: The range will be operating in two conditions: "Safe" or "Hot"
The green light will be on indicating a safe range. This is when you can go downrange and change targets. Under no circumstances will you approach the shooting benches/mats and you will never handle firearms when the range is safe. You may load magazines away from the benches.
A red light will be on indicating a hot range and firing may commence when instructed to do so. You will never go downrange when the range is hot. Firearms are to be cased and uncased only at the benches/mats during a hot range.
When a hot range is about to go safe, shooters will make their firearms safe, and keep the action open so each firearm can be inspected to be sure it's empty before the range is made safe. While not mandatory, chamber flags are appreciated to help speed this process.

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