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Nature Trails

Nature Trails and Grounds

The Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club first built the nature trail on the banks of the Little Campbell River in the forested portion of their 30 acre property in 1984. The forest forms a portion of the wider Little Campbell River Forest, is a unique gem amidst the farmland of the Hazelmere Valley. Though logged in the early 1890′s, the forest is now a second growth, succession forest inhabited by an abundance of wild flora and fauna. As the forest changes with the seasons, it holds fascinating insights into the ecology of the river.

The lower forest trail loop is 650 meters in length, an easy, level walk and is wheelchair accessible. This trail can be accessed from either side of the river bridge (adjacent to the gazebo) and continues along the river bank to a second pedestrian bridge at the back of the property. There are a number of locations along this trail where salmon can be seen spawning during the fall.

Beaver, mink, river otter, muskrat and deer have been observed along the trail. Eagles, red tailed hawks, owls and a large number of smaller birds attract many bird watchers to the trail.

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