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Firearms Classes and Special Events

March 10th 10am-4pm

**With a sell out of all reserved spots in less than 24 hours we want to remind everyone there will be first come first serve spots and a waitlist. We are also looking to add additional events, activities and more timeslots. Keep watching the SFGC Range page and Coastal Firearms Facebook Page for updates**


This free event will give new shooters an excellent and safe introduction to target shooting. After a short safety briefing you will get the chance to shoot the clubs .22 rifles at a set of targets. Also this is a great chance to learn more about the club, walk the lovely trails, visit the hatchery and see the incredibly archery facilities. Coffee and snacks will also be served. Coastal Firearm Safety Training will be on site doing safety demos and offering a variety of prizes through the day.


- Open to anyone but this event is geared at those with little or no experience

- No PAL / Firearm Safety Course required

- Open to all ages. Those under 18 must be with a parent/guardian

- Parent and one child can share a range time or two children can share with a parent watching

- Each session will have 6 reservations and 1 first come first serve so reservations highly recommended

- Please arrive on time for registration and safety briefing. Those missing the safety briefing may not be allowed to shoot

- Snacks, coffee, pop will be available

- If you can not make your reservation please cancel your spot to allow someone else to attend

February 25th and March 24th 2024

Non-restricted firearm safety course - Full Day Sunday Oct 29th 8am - 4pm in the hallThis is the course you need to get your PAL license. All materials and testing included.

Sign up at: Coastal Firearm Safety Training

Sept 13, 2023

My First Day at the Range is an initiative dedicated to creating safe and encouraging opportunities for kids to try out the shooting sports, to connect with the abundance of willing mentors in our community and to showcase what each club really excels at. 2 slots, 9:30 and 11:30, 10 kids each so a total of 20. Going to be shooting 22lr Rifles and Pistols. 


Lunch is provided. Email to register.

We all know that setting the next generation up for success is important for the future of our sports and just good for their development in general.

So, this is a series of free events at all the clubs in the lower mainland for kids to try out different shooting disciplines and to really let them explore their interests.  These events consist of 9:30am sign in and safety briefing, 10:00am 1 on 1 mentoring live fire, then lunch around noon. Short and sweet.  The live fire is geared to be first exposure, so very basic with the entire focus on safety and encouragement.  Our community has a tremendous talent of meeting each child personally at their level and finding the way for their individual success. Some kids just pulling the trigger will have them smiling from ear to ear and some may hope to really challenge themselves.  


The midterm goal is to create a network of mentors in the Lower Mainland for families to find out exactly how to get involved and pursue their interests. To remove as many barriers as possible in getting them involved.  Currently, the idea is to have this on a website that they can navigate with an interactive map showing Clubs, Disciplines, Leagues, Events and the Specific Mentors.  This will be interspersed with "Hero Stories" of all the amazing people who personify our communities values.  Also, to provide assistance to any club wishing to establish youth leagues, the network can be used for peer mentoring and interclub relationships.  This is already starting with pilot programs like at Pitt Meadows and Vancouver Gun Club.  


The long term goal is to establish a Fraser Valley Youth Passport that would allow them to have a home club, then "day pass" privileges at all the other clubs.  Also, the establishment of interdisciplinary youth leagues that might travel club to club, almost like the other team sports like soccer or baseball.

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